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Despite being only 13, JayBird Byrne is recognized by senior musicians and guitar enthusiasts as an outstanding instrumental guitarist. Her performances captivate audiences, resulting in a growing reputation fuelled by social media. This is not only due to her outstanding talent but also to the fierceness and spirit of her playing. With a guitar in her hands, JayBird connects and communicates with her audience, as witnessed by the crowd of 7,000 at the recent Pub Choir event at the Brisbane Riverstage.


Significantly, JayBird’s versatility and creativity have also been acknowledged by sponsorship from Ibanez, Boss/Roland and Elixir Strings. Legends such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have significantly influenced JayBird’s style. However, JayBird has set her sights on writing and producing her own music, viewing it as the ultimate form of self-expression. She is already well on her way to developing her sense of individuality and musicality with her original compositions featuring a complex fusion of multi-layered guitar tracks. 



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