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BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor - Review

The BOSS GT-1000 is BOSS's flagship amp simulator. With almost unlimited effects and parameters you can spend hours tweaking, I promise any guitarist can create or download a preset that sounds exactly how they want it to sound. With 250 banks for storing presets, guitarists can save multiple tones for different situations and songs. In this blog post I will give you three reasons why you should consider trying out the GT-1000.

1. Customisation.

You can pick from BOSS’s extensive collection of amp simulations, which have all been meticulously designed to sound like the tube amps you know and love. Do you love the sound of a 50w Marshall Plexi cranked up obnoxiously? No problem, you can download one of the many Plexi presets (mine will be coming soon). Or you can spend a little time customising your own preset to sound just like you want it to. Any amps tone can be easily replicated with the GT-1000.

2. Practicality.

Let's be honest, tube amps sound great, but they are heavy. The BOSS GT-1000 sounds just as good, and it isn't going to break your back, I promise. You can literally take it in your carry-on luggage. In addition, it takes less than 30 seconds to turn on, plug in and play. You only need two cables, one for your guitar and one for the front of the house. It's that simple.

3. Recording

If none of this has convinced you why you should try the GT-1000, this should. Within the first two days of the GT-1000 being lent to me by my manager, I recorded all the guitar + bass tracks for "The Wolf”, a song on my upcoming EP. I truly believe the sounds from the GT-1000 are superior to anything else I have recorded with. If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself (intro riff to ‘Waves’ by Guthrie Govan).

Keep practising and stay warm … JB.

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